New Start Business Car Leasing

New Start Business Car Leasing

If you are a new start business, then you may find it extremely difficult to obtain a credit line when looking at Car Leases.

Many of the larger funders will require a couple of years worth of positive balance accounts and without these, you could be at risk of receiving at outright decline.

Funders may also look at the history of the Directors, be it credit scores of previous performance of older businesses that they are connected to. If the Director has a number of failed businesses, this could also have an impact.

Our panel of brokers and funders can help new start businesses in a number of ways. Having access to vehicles and funders that need a lower credit score, or base the decision of a credit line based on guarantees or the Directors credit status.

New Start Business

We have a select number of brokers and funders who offer credit lines to new start businesses, these generally focus on the Short Term Car Lease market, but it essentially gives you a set of wheels to get on the road.

Business with Overseas Parent Company

If your business has an overseas parent company and the UK arm has no credit status, then we have a panel of funders who can perform the required checks and give you a credit line to get vehicles for your employees.

Directors with failed businesses

If you are a Director with multiple failed businesses in the past, then we have a wide range of funders and vehicle suppliers who can help you get vehicles. These funders want to see stability in the present and may request additional info.