Find a car lease is a website run by Creative Filter in Belper, our aim is to help consumers and businesses get the best value out of everything they need to put there hands on.

This includes everything from Car Leases to mortgages, to website design prices and even your next mobile phones. Our websites are designed to make it easier for you and let our contacts do all of the hard work.

Who do we work with?

Find a car lease works alongside handpicked brokers who can offer a wide range of car leasing products and services. They have access to funders who all have different deals and criteria.

There aim is not to bombard you with sales calls, but provide you with the best possible quotation so you don’t have to phone around 2-3 different brokers.

Why use a broker?

Brokers have access to a range of different funders and the majority can tap into discounts and dealership deals that we just don’t have access to.

They get paid by the dealer/funder for putting the vehicle through them, therefore its in there interest to get the best possible price.

What do we get out of it?

As you can imagine, the running costs and the marketing behind a website like this doesn’t get cheap. However, we don’t take any money from yourselves. We simply get a small percentage of the commission from the dealer/broker.

What Car’s can I get?

What cars do you want? By working with our brokers, you have access to everything from a Fiat 500 to a Ferrari 458, with everything in between possible. All UK supplied and can be specified on Business Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire and now Personal Contract Purchase

What are my rights?

Your rights are exactly the same as though you were using a dealership. All of our dealers and brokers are regulated by the FCA, therefore you can be assured that they MUST do there fact finding correctly to supply you with the best deal.

I want more information?

Not an issue at all, email us at enquiries@findacarlease.co.uk and ask us as many questions as you’d like to!